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Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a wonderful way for individuals to lengthen their hair and enjoy beautiful, long locks for up to eight months without any further attention. At Axis Salon and Day Spa, we offer Babe hair extensions. These are a wonderful alternative to traditional hair extensions offered at most other salons, and are extremely high quality and long lasting.

Babe hair extensions are threaded through existing hair using a special I-tip micro bead process. Unlike other extensions that require glue, heat, or even chemicals, Babe extensions can integrate into your existing hair without damaging it as other products can.

Babe extensions use 100% real human, remy hair. "Remy" is a term used that ensures that the cuticles of the hair are all in the same direction. Remy hair will tangle and mat less than traditional hair extensions. We have a number of different colors--25 shades, in fact!--in order to offer the best color matching. They are also less expensive to apply, due to the fact that the entire process can be done in a fraction of time as conventional methods. Overall, Babe hair extensions are likely the fastest, most affordable way to achieve the transformation you have always wanted!

When you initially consult with us regarding hair extensions, we will first have you meet a licensed cosmetologist for your free hair extension consultation appointment. During this time, you will be able to discuss the overall appearance you are trying to achieve, choose the best color to match your existing hair, and talk about the time needed for your overall appointment. In many cases, anywhere from one to three hours may be required to apply the hair extensions on your hair. The thicker your hair is, the longer the appointment may take. If you also plan on having a haircut and color at the same time, additional time may be needed. Plan on spending a whole morning or afternoon with us having your hair attended to.

Babe hair extensions at Axis Salon are a fast and affordable way to change up your look. We can help you transform into a beauty with long, amazing hair that perhaps you have always wanted, but have never been able to achieve on your own. If you're ready to pump up your look and lengthen your hair with Babe hair extensions, call us at Axis Salon today and schedule your initial consultation appointment with one of our licensed cosmetologists.

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