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Visit the best hair loss specialists in Des Moines

A small amount of shedding is normal in healthy hair. However, when you begin to notice more strands appearing on your pillow or accumulating in your brush, it can be frightening. You can trust the renowned hair loss specialists in Des Moines, Axis Salon and Day Spa, to provide the most effective treatment.

There are a number of reasons for increased shedding. Extreme stress, illness, poor nutrition, and side effects of medications are a few possibilities. In most cases, however, the problem is a scalp condition. The most common is alopecia, which can affect both men and women. Male pattern baldness is the best-known form of this condition.

If you are experiencing accelerated hair loss, don’t delay treatment. Depending on the cause, your hair loss may be completely reversible or easily treatable in early stages. Left untreated, the condition of follicles typically continues to deteriorate. The more hair you have already lost, the more difficult therapy can become. This does not, however, mean it’s too late if you are in the advanced stages of hair loss. At Axis Salon and Day Spa, we offer a full range of options for all stages and types of hair loss. Your hair is not only aesthetically important. It makes a statement about who you are and defines your personal style. We understand that you don’t want to trust just anyone with the future of your locks. That is why our elite team of hair loss specialists is comprised of highly trained, experienced professionals. They are fully qualified to help you understand your condition, and can choose the best available treatment plan.

Hair loss can be very upsetting. If you are uneasy when you arrive at our plush facility, you will soon appreciate the soothing ambiance we maintain. Knowing your hair is in the best possible hands, you can relax and feel your stresses melt away. If you want to turn your hair treatment into a truly luxurious experience, you can try one of our deluxe spa packages while you are here.

If you are ready to return your hair to its former state of glory, call Axis Salon and Day Spa today. Some of the finest hair loss specialists in Des Moines are waiting to help!

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