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Visit Axis Salon for the best hair transplant doctor in Des Moines

If you are looking for the finest hair transplant doctor in Des Moines, look no farther than Axis Salon and Day Spa. We offer the most effective options in advanced restoration treatments, skillfully performed by our on-staff, Board-certified surgeon.

Hair transplant surgery is delicate and requires artisan skill. In the first step, minute follicle units, containing no more than four individual hairs, are carefully harvested from other areas of your own head. Several different implant methods may be used, depending on the area of baldness and desired results. Whether the follicles are grafted individually, in a group, or in a strip, the procedure is essentially a multitude of tiny skin grafts. To achieve a natural look, they must mimic natural growth in density and grouping.

When performed correctly, hair transplants can be a highly effective and permanent restoration option. However, the success of the treatment depends largely on the skill of the physician. Precision accuracy is required to minimize scarring and pain. Hair follicles are fragile and easily damaged by the slightest error. Once damaged, they may grow less than satisfactory hair or none at all. You will know you are receiving top quality treatment from our highly trained and experienced team of hair restoration specialists.

If you have been embarrassed to seek treatment for baldness or fearful of a failed hair transplant, it’s time to experience the Axis difference. What sets us apart is our dedication to providing a wholly relaxing experience, with phenomenal results. You will feel instantly at ease, in the tranquil ambiance of our facility. Our friendly and efficient staff is happy to assist you in any way possible.

You can feel confident in the excellent quality of care you receive, and we strive to minimize your stress and discomfort throughout the process. All of our specialists are extensively trained, and meet our exacting standards of excellence. We take pride in our sterling reputation, and work to ensure every client is more than satisfied.

If you are ready to end the struggle with your receding hairline, the preferred hair transplant doctor in Des Moines is here to help. Call Axis Salon and Day Spa today, and begin your journey to thick, lustrous hair.

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